#1,997 Stormy Morning.

This morning, Don’t Carry It All jolted me from my sleep at 6:30 am (it’s been my alarm for 4 years running) while it was still pitch black outside. We’re never awake at that hour but had an early morning appointment an hour away from Laurel and I felt completely out of sorts in the moment, when I realized rain was crashing on the roof much harder than it has in quite a long time. A crack of thunder ripped through the sky and lightning lit up our room, and in that very moment I’ve never felt anything more comforting, soft and kind as my bed. Without hesitating, Ben jumped up and slipped on pants and boots to go check on Baker, who gets so worked up and afraid of bad weather he plays dead in a storm. I hit snooze even though I knew it would make us late.

And I’ve never enjoyed 9 minutes of sleep so much in my life.