#1,998 Love Me Some Jesus.

Today was very hard. The hours were long, I finally got to spend an hour visiting with Mammaw (after a week without a chance to come by), and 2 hours later my mama called to tell me that she’d had a stroke and was at the hospital. I couldn’t process that. It didn’t make sense, because just minutes ago—my grandmother was laughing and vibrant, reading the newspaper in her recliner. She’s likely had another serious stroke, and for the first time since 2008, it’s hard for her to speak again. Me, Ben, Clark, Jim, Mal and Lucy rushed to the hospital and spent the night holding her hands as she wailed in despair and confusion. Her body is failing her, and that’s so hard to watch. We love her so very much and would appreciate a prayer for our family if you think of it. I know this is hard for daddy and Uncle Danny, most of all.

One thing that made me smile today? This print from Old Try I bought for the project we’ve been working on:

Because even in the middle of a storm, focusing on Him makes it all seem bearable. And necessary. And eventually, for our own good.