10 Shades of Green (As Seen On Home Town!)

While Home Town episodes are on a mid-season hiatus, Erin and Ben are steadily filming for the rest of the season at this moment. The ebb and flow of filming can be strenuous, and the houses they and their team can develop in a short amount of time are impressive. With each home comes challenging obstacles to creating something new and authentic to each family or individual's style. With time, their style evolves to complement the inhabitants of the new house, but there is something that has remained a constant — Erin's love for the shade of green. 

The Napier team never scares away from the vibrant, earthy color, whether painted on the exterior or the main interior space. There is no such as too much green if you have the right shade. Here are a few colors that Erin loves to use on Home Town.

Governor Nicholls St. Green by SW Vieux Carre Collection

Let us throw it back to the Edwards' kitchen in season one. Ben and Erin help a young couple renew a neglected gem built-in 1910, a home that has a fascinating history that dates to World War II.


Kennebunkport Green by Benjamin Moore

Do you remember this beauty on season two? This bright hue of green makes for a friendly welcome around the trim of Amanda Mathew's windows.  

Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW7068)

Charlie and Melissa Turner were offered a Manse as part of their compensation with the Ellisville Presbyterian Church. This perfect gray/green dining room comfortably fits all five children and the parents. 


Kale Green by Sherwin Williams (SW6460)

In the Yeager House, Erin chose Kale Green for the doorways to bring a pop into Jenna's Scandinavian dream home. She painted the armoire this color, too!


Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams (SW6164)

Erin loves a light, subtle color in areas with much natural light, as with the Thornton House. The craftsman living room with built-in bookshelves and fireplace feels 10x bigger in Svelte Sage.


Basil by Sherwin Williams (SW6194)

The Berry House still has us swooning. Who knew green kitchen cabinets would still make this kind of lasting impression? Erin did, that is who. Basil by Sherwin Williams is the perfect green. 


Gallery Green by Sherwin Williams (SW0015)

Let us take it outside to the Davis-Jefcoat House. We remember the sweet story of Brooke and Robbie Jefcoat and their new family. We also remember this charming exterior view of their perfect house and those Gallery Green shutters!



Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams (SW9130)

One of Home Town's most-watched episodes happens to be the Simoneau House. Her story is moving, and the new house that Erin and Ben curated for her is breathtaking. When Kendall was choosing between houses, one of the most significant deciding factors was the butler's pantry in the kitchen. Erin remembered this and made it a staple in her reveal!

Green was a common theme throughout the Simoneau house. Erin even used it in her dining room, as seen below.

Rushing River by Sherwin Williams (SW7746)


Cascades by Sherwin Williams (SW6723)

We all remember this episode— Jesse and Lauren Napier's first house! Erin and Ben know their family better than anyone else. With Jesse and Lauren's funky, 70s-inspired style, there was no better and bolder color to use than a deep blue-green for the house's exterior. They paired it with Rookwood Sash Green by Sherwin Williams for the siding. 

Erin has a long list of greens in her color wheelhouse. Here are a few that are worth mentioning as well:

Grasslands by Sherwin Williams (SW6163) —In the Keller House on season three, Erin used this earthy, brown-green for the dining room. This one is neutral with just a pop of green undertone!

Honed Soapstone (SW9126) — Erin painted the base cabinets in the kitchen this earthy, brown/green color in the Bolden house. It is the most neutral green you will see of these hues!