Erin's Most Cherished Memories Depicted In The Lantern House

Erin and Ben are best known for the way they bring new life to old houses in Home Town. While some believe their job title revolves solely around renovating homes with fresh paint colors and construction, the process is more profound. The idea of making a home is sacred and a unique opportunity to the Napiers. 

During the early years of their marriage, Erin and Ben renovated their first home in their downtown loft apartment. They were proud of their DIY projects, artsy endeavors, and Ben's handmade wainscoting throughout the space. They also cherished the memories in that space so much that they felt it was worth it to invest in that home. 

Then they bought their first home together a few years later. The house was their dream home, full of craftsman charm and interesting characteristics— some good and some not so good. They spent years working on the house, filled it with memories and even some new family members. 

For Erin, a house is so much more than a place of shelter— a home has a heartbeat.

"I think of a house as a personality. I give it an identity. It's my job professionally! I have extreme attachments to the houses I have lived in during my lifetime, like my childhood home where I grew up. If my parents ever sell it, it will crush me," she laughs.

"The first house that Ben and I renovated together will always be home to me, and I imagine that house also has feelings about its inhabitants. That's where the story came from... the stories our homes can tell, how houses take care of us in that same way that the people in our family take care of us."

"Our houses look a certain way because we've put our wants and longings into these rooms, and these houses become like members of our family. That's what The Lantern House is. It's an amalgamation of all the houses I've ever lived in."

 On May 24th, Erin Napier and Adam Trest release the The Lantern House in hopes that children will realize the importance of home and how we all contribute to the next chapter of its story.  


Erin says, "What matters to me is remembering the generation before us, remembering their good work and creating a new future from that. The things we do in this life and in our homes —they matter. Then someday someone else will put their mark on it."

Join us in celebrating the release by attending a special book signing on Friday, May 27th. This event will be held at her flagship store, Laurel Mercantile Co. from 5:00-6:30pm. Learn more here!