#102 The Ray-Ban Riders.

(Lucky Luxe‘s new company vehicle.)

So. I’ve made up a name for my biker gang (read: Ben and I on our Wal-Mart bicycles) because in case you didn’t know — I’m a pretty hardcore cyclist. Wait — that may be premature, but we did ride and ride and ride today and it just became more and more fun the further we went. It’s like I continued to be fascinated by how far from home we could get on bicycles, that we can go places normally only reserved for car trips and it’s just as easy as walking or jogging. Since I bought the nifty basket for mine, we even picked up some groceries just like I’ve fantasized about (my fantasies are pretty mild, huh?), and then I rode it over to the church to teach my art class. Granted, I bought the most expensive one they had at Wal-Mart because it was just so comfortable (read: Tiffany blue), so I feel like I better ride that thing as far as my legs can push me. It was sort of like riding a boat in that every person you pass waves and smiles, which was a nice surprise. I’m going to count on you fine readers to keep me motivated and remind me to keep biking this summer even when it’s 110 degrees out. I guess we’ll just have to go at night, huh?