#103 Rediscovery.

Tonight Ben and I made our usual Tuesday trip to my parents’ house to watch The Biggest Loser (go Michael!), and after the show, my dad tells me he has a “project” for me. It’s his favorite term for “the exact thing you don’t feel like doing right now,” which in this case was removing all of my old shoes (memories!) from the mud closet by the back door. Now just a year ago, my mama and I threw away all my old shoes that were either used up or forgettable that were still lingering in the closets of their house. These 8 pair in the back door closet were absolutely not disposable, so I stood my ground and insisted that he could not throw away any of them, that they were all too special for whatever reason. He grabs a pair from the back corner and asks “not even these?”:

(Oh NO! I think I really am developing a bunyon…)

I bought them at American Eagle the summer before my first year at Ole Miss — the first summer of dating Ben. Of course I can’t throw them out! I totally forgot they were in there, and they happen to be the very sort of sandal I’ve been looking for. That’s a bingo.