#137 The black hole.

Mrs. Holly (my famed calligrapher) tells me Elizabeth calls their house the black hole, and with good reason. Whenever Ben and I need to drop by the Wilsons’ to leave her the latest envelope shipment, it inevitably turns into a 2 hour visit. We knew when Mr. Chris answered the door and told us to come to the back and sit a while we were going to slip into it again. Our conversations are always crazy, always hilarious, and always growing legs as the stories progress. Tonight’s topics included:

1. Mrs. Holly’s potential to be a very profitable typeface designer. I mean, she can create an entire script alphabet for every theme I throw at her.
2. College roommates.
3. Brothers stealing brother’s underwear.
4. Crazy ex-downtowners.
5. Religion.
6. Non-denominational churches in Jones County.
7. Great, quirky places to visit in inland old Florida.
8. Some town on a bluff with a circular lake in the middle somewhere across the Alabama River. Mr. Chris can’t remember the name of the place.
9. DeFuniak Springs.
10. Ben’s 5 minute testimony (or lack thereof).
11. Wood oven pizzarias.
12. Atlanta.
13. Antique fabrics.
14. The way Ben and I started dating.
15. The violin-maker who lives on Euclid and moonlights as a mercenary.
16. JuCo mathematicians.
You can see how these visits stretch into all-nighters quickly if I don’t make the move to stand up and tell Ben it’s time to go. As they walked us out, Mr. Chris stopped in the kitchen to pull a little sack of baguettes out of his freezer. He removed a loaf, stuck the frozen bread in my hand and told me to let it thaw, bake at 350 and eat it with coffee. I hope we can someday be the cool couple with stories for days and frozen French breads in the freezer.