#136 Movies.

I know there’s a movie — one you saw when you were little that you still think of every now and then that deeply affected you. Tonight we were at Blockbuster looking for a movie (we went with Prairie Home Companion) and we started talking about those things we remember from bizarre movies from childhood and we could NOT think of the names of them. Then, like magic, those Blockbuster employees saved the day and cleared up the mystery. For Ben, he remembered a movie where:

1. This little kid sees something happen in a closet at the school, and there’s a house on a cliff or something and there’s a crazy old woman that lives in it. We watched it at the church at a youth party at Halloween because it was scary, but not too scary. Like Disney scary. Like Watcher in the Woods.
Blockbuster Jeremy says “It had Lucas Haas in it didn’t it?” Ben says “I don’t know.” Jeremy says “Yep. It was called Lady in White.”

Ben screams “LADY IN WHITE! THAT’S IT!!!” He’s been trying to put the pieces together about this since I’ve known him. It was a great moment of revelation.

Then I ask Blockbuster Jeremy if he knows about a movie where:

1. This famous actor guy gets in an accident or something and gets mutilated and goes to work in a freak show. There’s all kinds of freak show people. Like a dog man? And Mr. T maybe? And one of the freaks eats macaroons all the time. Those chocolate coconut cookie things?

He says “Yep. It’s called Freaked. It was on AMC the other day. You got satellite?”

It’s so… sooooooooo… WEIRD. I just watched the trailer and am now realizing that HBO played a whole lot of cuh-razy mess in the 90s that I over-absorbed on summer break while Kelsa or Danielle heated up my KidCuisine. Point in case: Stay Tuned and Mr. Boogedy. You remember either of those? Wow. I miss the scary traumatizing kid movies of the 80s and 90s.