#171 Father’s Day and Pizza.

We were so excited to give my daddy is father’s day present this year… Since he’s a true blue pioneer man who’d rather be sweating in a garden than watching a ballgame, we gave him a used copy of the Foxfire Book #1. It had the funniest little note written on the first page that read: “To Dave, in the interest of bigger and better log cabins. Love, Willa. Sept. 1974” and I think that might be my favorite thing about it. It’s a book about how to do old timey things like build a log cabin, cure a hog, home remedies, how to make moonshine, etc. The best thing is it’s an anthology so we’ll be set up with father’s day presents for at least the next 12 years. I think he really loved it. I’m glad he’s so easy to please. I love my daddy.
For church this summer, we’re meeting at youth families’ homes for cookouts, games and Bible study. Tonight was quite possibly the most fun we’re likely to have all summer long for UMYF. Ben and the kids set up a slip n’ slide, played football and kickball, then Mr. Bailey made his famous homemade pizzas with whatever toppings each person’s heart desired. I enjoyed mine by (citronella) candlelight on the back porch with the 2 lone girls at youth tonight. His pizzas are a religious experience for sure:
After dinner and devotion, Ben and all the guys + Darby went outside to play more, and we ended up staying until 9 o’clock, after all the ice cream cones had been devoured and nothing remained in the tub but a little puddle of melted vanilla.
There were about a million guys tonight, and just a few of us girls. Here’s Mrs. Laura (our hostess), Mrs. Anna and her daughter Abby. I love our little church family.