#170 Cruisin’ Main Street.

The big car show finally came and went. It was my first, and I honestly had a great time. I thought I might become bored by the end, but since I entered Lucky all these car men were really nice and talking to me about cars (as if I know anything), and telling me how much they liked it. I really do love to talk cars with people on a very superficial level. I don’t know enough to speak a different language like Ben does but I enjoy learning about them. Here are some gratuitous photos of our car:
Lucky, sadly, did not win anything today. I hope her feelings weren’t hurt. I will take her out for dinner and ice cream and explain that it was just a beauty pageant and that maturity and grace will take her further in life. Then we’ll watch Sixteen Candles and make microwave s’mores and paint our toenails. Wait… Dang.

And these were my 2 favorites from the show, a Corvette with the cutest white leather interior, and a 1955 Bel Air. I guess I’m a Chevy girl, huh?
(This won best in show, with good reason. How fabulous is that mauve paint?!)