#187 Hope is home.

After 9 months of working with International Justice Mission in the Philippines, my best friend is finally home again. Since 8th grade, we’ve been like peas and carrots and I’ve honestly felt like one of my limbs has been missing since she left. In the life of our friendship, we’ve traveled the world together — to Europe, to Las Vegas and California, Route 66 and summer trips to the beach. We’ve spent 48 hours on a charter bus together before (she always sleeps — I never could). Until now we’ve never gone more than a few days without talking or seeing each other. Every day there were little things I wanted to pick up the phone to tell her about, to text her about but never could. We would have to schedule via email our twice-monthly phone conversations or hope that the 14 hour time difference would find us in a place where we could both talk. Thank God for facebook.
Tonight, Ben and I and about 15 of her closest relatives waited for her arrival at her parents’ house. At 10:00, the girl was finally home!
(I basically smothered her to death.)

Now I’m gonna see if I can sucker her into helping with Lucky Luxe stuff since she’s available.