#188 Getting down to brass tacks.

I’ve always loved that saying. In a few days, some specialists are coming in to pull up the horrible layers of carpet and Masonite from the 1940s that are covering up the original hardwood floors in our living room and bedroom to refinish and stain them to look like the rest of the loft. Today mama and I got really curious about just what exactly that original wood looks like under there. She came by after lunch and got down on the floor in her Banana Republic dress and heels with a screwdriver and a hammer and chiseled and pulled at the disgusting old particle board (how cool is she?) and we were very pleasantly surprised at what lay underneath:
The flooring specialist came by to see and tells us it’s unfinished, unstained, and unvarnished 100 year old yellow pine. I cannot WAIT too see it with a coat of dark red mahogany stain when we come back from North Carolina. We’ll have a little party and invite you over to see it.