#19 Road trip.

(Me, obviously excited to try and take our picture together in the car, Ben unaware. Typical.)

Because this blog is about strictly GOOD THINGS, I won’t belabor the reason this road trip took place (to challenge a speeding ticket, boo!), just know that we woke up at 4:30 am and hit the road headed for Birmingham. I love car trips with Ben because it reminds me of those years at school when we would spend so much of our waking hours together in cars—traveling to church (1.5 hour drive one way), to see our parents (4 hours for me, 2 hours for him), to see our friends in Starkville (2 hours).

We spent time talking about the important things: the way the Pilot truck stop in Meridian has a hot dogs and hamburgers gas station smell, not the cigarettes and fried chicken gas station smell (which is refreshing honestly), the fact that we will force our someday children to speak at least one foreign language (French I hope), and why they mark bridges in Alabama with their EXACT mile location (for instance, one bridge’s mile marker was 76.2). We rarely have time to hash out these questions, and I’m glad we got the opportunity today.
(I’m alive awake alert enthusiastic… and obviously wearing too much blush.)

(he kept wanting to look at the camera then I would snap on him: “LOOK AT THE ROAD.”)