#2,001 Micro Reunion + Semi-Annual Sale.

Weirdly, and incidentally, my parents, Clark and I all just happened to convene in my grandmother’s hospital room at the same time today for a visit. None of us planned it. If Uncle Danny, Aunt Gay and Jim had shown up it would have been our ENTIRE family (well, the originals, pre-spouses and babies) together in one place.

It’s sort of funny how small our family is compared to clan Napier. She ate an entire cup of applesauce while we watched HGTV and she told us daddy snored too loud when he stayed with her last night.

In more good news, I finally got over to the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works and bought some of my favorite throwback scents: Plumeria shower gel and Juniper Breeze body cream. I can now proceed to being 10 years old.