#2,002 Last Class + Flag Day Party.

Well, today was more emotional than I thought it would be. When we got to church this morning I quickly realized it was baccalaureate Sunday when I saw the girls dressed in white and the boys in navy blazers. It made my heart seize up to watch the slideshow of these amazing young people, Ben’s very last class, whom he ministered to all of their youth years—7th grade through half of their 12th grade year. These are exceptional kids. I wish you could know them.

And after big, windy, wild storm in the early afternoon, as evening was approaching we went to Gardiner Park for our historic neighborhood Flag Day block party, which could have been a scene from a movie.

Lucy became BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with a darling baby girl named Libby who is her same age and this picture might be too cute to look at for longer than a couple seconds. Beware!

P.S. I’m feeling especially thankful for Sarah who sent me the most encouraging message out of the blue today. You’re a blessing to me!