#2,043 Reading Saturday.

Well, so, day 3 without iPhoto and I’ve tried downloading Picasa to import photos from my phone but that wouldn’t work either, but my new hard drive should be formatted for Mac and ready to go Monday so forgive me for another brief post. It’s tricky typing this much from my phone, you see.

I can’t fully express the level of homebody-ness that occurred today. I did not step foot outside the house until supper time when I went to visit mammaw. For most of the day we deep cleaned the house and read. I offered to keep John Walker for Clark and Amanda while they moved today, but they insisted he was all set. So:


I spent one gloriously lazy day at home, reading and working through The Firestarter Sessions. If you have the slightest entrepreneurial leaning, it’s a great one to read. As the sun was setting we went to Jim and Mal’s to see the Hickners and Austin, in town for the weekend. We hung out on their porch listening to Zac Brown Band and Louis Armstrong while the guys grilled. The summer heat was not just bearable, but a little cool tonight and it made me feel romantic toward my least favorite season for a few hours, imaging how my northerner friends must do it. Fireside, I hope with a light long sleeve? I mean, it wasn’t THAT cool out, but I could imagine it at least.