#2,042 Pizza Night.

Tonight Ben and I were invited to have dinner with Jonathan and Gabrielle, where we were lucky enough to meet their darling baby boy, Brooks. We collaborated with Jonathan on a project all May and June, and it was so good to see him outside of work, to talk about life. We had pizza and homemade ice cream (which we’ve rarely done since Ben’s time in youth ministry) and talked easily, like old friends, and before we realized it 4 hours had flown by. It was such a departure for us—going to a new house in a town we’ve rarely passed through, and somehow, we all felt so familiar. It was really lovely.

I would love to show you photos of that, but alas, my iPhoto is still not working. I’m getting an external hard drive to transfer my iPhoto library to tomorrow, in hopes the problem is just the current external hard drive it’s living on.

That sounds like I know what I’m doing, maybe. Fingers crossed!