#2,050 Waukaway + Movie Night.

As is our annual summer tradition, our family made the caravan with our church to Waukaway Springs for a day in the sun and the icy cold, green, clear water.
This crosses two things off the birthday list: go swimming, do something difficult. What’s difficult about this is my serious aversion to being in cold water—but between Ben who is always pushing me to do more than I think I can and mama’s ultimatum to quit being a sissy (she’s a true blue tomboy who learned how to swim in this very same ice cold lake in the 1960s), I jumped in feet first and swam the width of the springs right behind her while my teeth chattered on.

Lucy had much more fun this year than last thanks to Ellie, her grandparents, and a waterslide.

I found my fearless, beautiful mama swimming across the lake to the island dock to lay in the sun and I wish so badly I could’ve been her best friend when she was doing that same thing at age 16.

So I jumped in again and swam to her.

Soon, it was time to head back home to Laurel where Sam and Lyn were ready to pick up their sweet kiddos and take them back home to Ocean Springs. Before they left, we shared a farmer’s market peach…

And we all picked a bunch of pears for Lyn to take home and bake a cake (even though she isn’t able to eat any of it—bless her heart!!)

And then, on a whim, Jim decided to test out their new inflatable outdoor movie screen tonight after dinner… And so we crossed off another item from the birthday list and watched a movie under the stars. We marveled over where dew comes from, and how did it make our clothes and quilts damp without us ever noticing it fall? I suppose I could Google it, but that would take the mystery out of it.