#2,051 Another Stamp + Road Trip Surprise.

You know the little card that comes with a pair of L.L.Bean boots with the signature of the person who made them? We thought it was really cool, and so Ben’s taking a page from their book:

Every piece of Scotsman Co. furniture will be stamped then signed by the builder who made it and he was giddy stamping and signing his own desk this afternoon. It came in the mail with a Williams Sonoma catalog that featured a big spread of blue and white Spode and Blue Willow china, which was timely since our newest invitation was hot off the press today. That big idea I had a few weeks ago inspired by Mallorie’s blue and white trivet? Here’s where I went with that:

This suite should be officially in the collection by next week, fingers crossed!

When I came home from work, the light felt different. Like summer is winding down and making way for the cool nights of fall. My favorite old friend.

And then Ben presented me with day 3 of the 30 day 30th birthday: he’s planned 3 different secret road trips right down to the meals and stops and made a very Elizabeth-town inspired book using kraft paper, cotton paper, lots of glue, his drawings, photos and maps.

I can choose:

1. An Austin, TX adventure to see Damien Rice (O is the most special album in the world to us and he NEVER EVER goes on tour!) and see the Friday Night Lights filming locations.

2. A trip to the island where Big Fish was filmed (my all time favorite movie) and a weekend in Mentone, AL.

3. A trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Blowing Rock, NC (or, Mitford for those who love the Jan Karon books).

4. Or all 3 or 2 or 1 of them.

I’ve made my decision. Can you guess what I chose?

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