#2,052 Lasagna + Pickering Party.

Ben’s birthday list continued tonight with my favorite meal on planet earth since I was a toddler: my mama’s lasagna. And I swear the pan she made tonight was the best she’s ever made, EVER. I could eat 10 lbs. of it, y’all. I’m not kidding. This was my first helping.

After a long dinner with my parents, we headed back home and walked through our backyard to the state auditor’s house for an election night party.

He’s been the victim of a mudslinging, dirty campaign for reelection, but he kept the high road no matter what his opponent said to the papers to try and tarnish his reputation. I’m so proud of our sweet neighbors, because tonight was a celebration. He won in a landslide statewide! Moments after the Associated Press made the announcement, news teams were in the foyer to report the victory:

As Mal said, “Don’t pick on a Pickering!”