#2,084 Football Season is Back.

You know where we were today, don’t you?

Ole Miss football headquarters at my parents’, of course!

Since it was an early game at 11 this morning and there were so many other games on all day, we just stayed… And stayed… And stayed. We didn’t leave until 8:00 tonight after spending the entire day grazing/sort of watching/sort of talking/mostly playing with John Walker.

Speaking of which… Daddy and Clark have this little promotional book the hospital gives out with information and pictures of the doctors and staff and interesting articles about all the departments.

This book looks like it’s never been touched except for the one page that’s a picture of Clark. Walker totes this little book around, and goes to that page over and over cooing, “Daddy. Daddy.”

It’s gotten wet and slobbery and torn out of the book, and this is absolutely precious to me.

Ole Miss won 76-3 in the highest scoring game they’ve played since the 1930s. Go Rebs!