#2,085 Leggett Lunch.

Since Ben’s big brother, Sam, Lyn, and the kids were in Hattiesburg for the weekend and it’s hard to get down to the coast and see them more often, we met them for a big lunch at her parents’ today.

One of my favorite things about marriage is the way it makes two brothers’ wives sisters, and then her family kind of becomes our family, too. When the rain started pouring down in the afternoon, we headed back home to rest because it seems I’ve done something to my sciatic nerve to make it very unhappy.

Aleve didn’t seem to help, but a long walk and some stretching seems to be staving off the weird waves of nerve pain I was having earlier. I guess it’s time to do the exercises Daddy said to do months ago when it was bothering me… Dangit if he’s not right every single time.