#2,094 Growing the Wheelhouse.

Let me start by telling you that Baker was especially adorable this morning:

Now, on to the important news of the day… There was a whole lot of excitement from beginning to end, and if I wrote it all out I’d be typing until 2:00 am, so I’ll abbreviate because, also, I am real tired.

I woke up to this text this morning:

(This is a ghost sign.)
So I said, “yes!” of course, which prompted a myriad of thoughts, including a momentary existential career crisis like “I make wedding invitations… But I really do love doing branding work when it’s something I’m excited about (see exhibit A!), so what if this is something we bring into the wheelhouse of Lucky Luxe as an important part of our business?” 
Which led to an incredible phone conversation with my friend Megan of Mae Mae & Co., who is standing in my exact same shoes at this very same moment, grappling with how to label her career. What a blessing it is to have someone to talk to who knows the very heart of your fears and hopes!
And suddenly, it all made a whole lot of sense. More to come on what I’m up to with Magnolia, and for now I’m going to go take a bubble bath and try to slow down the torrential brainstorm that’s been in my head since about lunch today. What fun it is to inch closer and closer to feeling like yourself with each new day. The first time I felt life coming into focus like this was this day in 2011, and then again this time one year ago. We are all changing, always, ever so slightly, and it feels good to feel my career changing right along with me in the most cozy, comforting way because it’s something I’ve been afraid of for a long time—how do we grow as people if we keep doing the same old thing? Dear reader, I hope you keep inching toward yourself each day, too.