#2,095 New Room + Product Photos.

It’s been about 4 years since our young adult group at church first formed and we started our supper club, which later turned into a Sunday School class, and then a Wednesday night small group, and we reached the point this year that in most meetings, we wouldn’t have enough room or chairs to accommodate our group. Our little space at the church wasn’t much, but we loved it. We’ve shared and bonded over so many prayers of celebration and struggle within those 4 walls. In recent months, careful conversation with one of the older classes in our church turned to our need for more space, and tonight we made the swap with them. It brought their smaller group closer together and gave our group more space for the occasional rambunctious visiting toddler and our beloved, hideously ugly teal jacquard sofa. I wish I had thought to take a photo, though it’s pretty bare right now. The thing that matters is that when we’re all there together—something really special happens. We’re studying and learning new things about faith, but we’re growing closer to one another week after week. It feels good to have that extension of family, doesn’t it? Oh, goodness. I hope you’ve found a church that makes you feel like you’re at home, too. Like you’ve found your people.

Want some tiny sneak peeks of what you’ll find in the Dry Goods and Scotsman stores this fall? Well, these are the only pictures I have on my phone, so they’ll tell the tale for today:

An Oldfield envelope clutch, handmade just down the street from us right here in Laurel, designed in a nod to my stationery work!

And you, too, can wear Ben’s daily uniform. Minus the sweat and dirt.