#2,138 Creative Economy + Bully + Surprise Halloween.

We woke up with the sun to make the drive to Jackson for our first Creative Economy meeting as advisory panelists, where we worked with a group of other entrepreneurs, artists, attorneys, writers, filmmakers and every other creative career under the sun to make a strategy for our state. I’m not Ellen, but I participated anyway.

We broke into groups and did a S.W.O.T. analysis that we shared with the panel, and I was fascinated to learn how different our answers were when I expected to have mostly the same problems and solutions. I’m so excited to see what can happen when the creative private sector and a governmental branch team up to make our state a creative tourism destination. However, while we were in the meeting I got a voicemail from THE Tyrone Stewart, Chief of Police… To tell us trick or treating in our neighborhood is being moved to tonight instead of tomorrow night because of the severe weather we’re expecting. Which was a bummer, because we were out of town until dinner…

Where we were finally meeting up for dinner with Bully (Adam is on his birth certificate), a longtime instagram friend who just might be Ben’s long lost 4th brother. Isn’t it wonderful when you feel like you know someone thanks to social media, then you meet them in person and they’re exactly who you thought and hoped they would be? Once again, instagram is the greatest friend maker of our generation!

So while I’m sad to report we missed Halloween in Laurel for the first time since we bought our house, I think it was worth it. I mean, I still got my picture taken with a Rockford Peach!!

And we strolled the neighborhood just as everyone had run out of candy and the ghosts and goblins were making their long walks back home.

And Hocus Pocus in Gardiner Park made me feel like we got the most out of our surprise Halloween. I hope yours is a non-stormy one tomorrow!