#2,139 Stormy Homebody Halloween.

Besides a mid-morning brunch with Jim and Lucy while Mallorie’s gone on a trip with her mama for the weekend, and Ben’s late afternoon in the woodshop working on some pieces for the LRMA gala auction while I stayed home deep cleaning, we were homebodies on the stormiest Halloween I can remember in my life.

The morning was overcast enough for a walk with the pups, but just a few hours later the tornado siren was wailing which scared me to death. Thankfully, no tornadoes touched down and the warnings expired shortly and we were left with a heavy, unending rain for the night.


This is how worried Ben was about the warnings:

For dinner, I heated up roasted tomato bisque from the freezer that I thankfully remembered to bag up the last time I made it, and Ben made his most delicious grilled cheese sandwich with french bread, colby jack cheese and butter. So, what happened was, whilst wearing my pajamas, in the middle of a storm, on Halloween night, I got to enjoy my absolute favorite meal on the couch underneath my favorite blanket.

And to really drive home the “we are old and not at a party on Halloween” factor, we watched Ghost on E!, which is wonderful no matter how bad Patrick Swayze’s hair is and no matter how cheesy the special effects are, mostly because of the Righteous Brothers and that INCREDIBLE NYC loft they live in. Which I found great articles about here and here!
Guys… Next up, Thanksgiving! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!