#2,140 Rainy Sunday.

There’ve been at least 500 rainy Sunday posts in the history of this blog so forgive the repetitiveness, but every single one deserves celebrating. We’ve been waiting for this rainy weather for many weeks and I’ve personally made it my job to honor every moment of it by staying inside, at home base.

Today after church and lunch we came home to find Titanic on HBO and while I had every intention of going to the studio to do some work, I just got sucked in by my longstanding crush (as in, since 1997) on Jack’s Irish buddy who reminds me of Ben at age 21, which further proves I definitely have a “type” when it comes to men. 

I did make it to work eventually and took care of some things I wouldn’t have been able to get to tomorrow, but I did it with my apple crumble candle burning and the rain tapping on the metal awning below my windows so it wasn’t half bad.