#2,143 Window Work.

Just like last year, I got a call from Andrea asking if I would like to help her with her window display design for the annual Christmas open house at Southern Antiques. And as always, I’m on board to help with anything she needs—particularly of the Christmas persuasion. This is the mock up of the lettering design for this year in white, though it will be sparkly gold leaf in person in a couple days. Can I find a way to do this for a living? Please?

Well, I sort of am I guess. We’re offering identity design now on the LL website. Did I tell you that?

In other news… Ben took the nationwide lead BIG TIME today in the Duluth Trading Company contest because of you amazing people!!!!

I hate to badger and bug y’all, but to keep him in the lead and for it to count, we all have to vote every day until Tuesday. We can do that, right? You just go to the link below, scroll past the entry form to the picture of Ben and check that box beside the number. SO easy, one click, done. We can do this (from our phone, then computer, then iPad, then tell your mama and her friends, too)!

Click here to help my favorite lumberjack!