#2,208 Gabrielle.

Today, I was happily surprised to meet Gabrielle who has been a long long long long time reader here. She came to town for the weekend to be in a wedding coincidentally and stopped by to say “hello!” She did not judge my near makeup-less face from so much nose blowing nor our ramshackle studio which has become something more of a warehouse since the online shops opened. She even wanted a hug regardless of our germs. Bless your sweet heart, friend. It was so good to finally meet in person!

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 9.53.30 PM

I felt human again today (woo!!) but I’m still recovering so I’ll head on to bed, but first I just have to reach out to you good people in hopes you can help our friends, Kurt and Sugi.

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Kurt is my friend Kristi’s little brother. He’s an adoring husband and brand new daddy. He’s a young man, a teacher, fighting lymphoma and desperately needs donated school days from employees of the Tupelo school district in order to keep his health insurance since he has been in hospitals with complications from the treatments and the cancer for the better part of the year. If any of you have friends or family in the Tupelo, MS school district who can help him, please reach out to his precious wife, who was a friend of mine in college, Sugi Willard Wiltcher, on facebook.

Thank you for reading here each day. It means a whole lot to me.