#2,288 California Adventure.

We’ve been dreaming of a trip to California for years without the time or means to do it, and like some (twilight zone bizarro world) miracle, we got the call a few weeks ago that we were chosen for a really special opportunity and will be here filming for a couple of weeks!

My sweet mama and daddy took us to the airport and she snapped this picture of us and our mismatched pitiful luggage. 

 Things like this DO NOT HAPPEN to people like us and we’re just as shocked as the next person. I hope you’ll follow along on the (vague) adventures we’re getting into for the next few days. Like for instance, a flight across the country on an airplane that did not scare me. That was turbulence-free. Whew! 
We’ll be able to spill the beans in a few months, but for now… I’ve got to study a script and get some sleep.


I’ve never taken a big trip without planning it, but since we will be working 12 hour days I didn’t know how to plan. We have one free weekday and one free weekend and there’s so much I want to see and do, it won’t be even close to possible. So what do we do with ONE day in Los Angeles? What will we EAT?!


The coolest thing about going to Hollywood is the possibility of seeing someone famous, right? Except I’m legitimately sad there’s no chance I’ll run into my fave celebrity. #istillmissjamesgandolfini