#2,289 Sunny Santa Monica + Fittings.

Though our bodies are in the Pacific time zone, our internal clocks are set on Central time and woke us up at 6:30 this morning. And what a blessing it was! We put on our running shoes and greeted the early morning sunshine as we walked 3 miles north toward Malibu. And it took my breath away.


There was a delicious breakfast on the patio at M Street Kitchen where we shared Mexican hash browns and a homemade English muffin that reminded me for the world of Sarabeth’s in NYC.

We got showered and dressed for the day and with a couple hours left to kill we went exploring the neighborhood and found Joan’s on Third, which reminded me of the bakery from It’s Complicated, for a hot cup of coffee for Ben… 

And then I had an out of body experience in Madewell where I wanted literally every single thing in the entire store. Every. Thing. But I left empty handed with intentions to go back before we leave in case I’m still in love. 

And soon, our ride to the production office picked us up and whisked us away to try on clothes all day long for the project we are going to be filming. Like, roughly 2,000 outfits I think. Had to be. Ben had a ball and charmed the pants off everyone while I awkwardly undressed in front of our stylists feeling like I maybe should have run one more mile this morning.  

And these people are so incredibly fun and kind and we feel grateful to be in their care.

And finally, we had a big dinner at Barlo with our director, Doug, and his darling wife, Carly, and their brand new baby boy, Kent.  

I love these people. I wish they lived close to us.

I feel so undeserving. Of it all. I’m sending up many many prayers of thankfulness for God’s love and mercy in our lives.