#2,290 Table Read + Josh & Anne.

Today it was just so gorgeous outside, we started walking and couldn’t stop. 6 miles later, we were worn out and had walked from nearly Venice to Malibu.   
 After a lightning fast shower and lunch at Blue Plate Taco (which was DELICIOUS), we were picked up for our first table read with Doug at the production offices, which ended up being a really fun and silly couple of hours.   

 And then tonight we finally got to meet up with our dear old friends, Josh and Anne, for the first time in a couple years. Since they moved back home to California from New York, we’ve been missing our annual dinner dates in the Big Apple. We met at Gjelina on Abbot Kinney and shared fancy pizzas and pastas and later, delicious small batch ice creams at Salt & Straw.   

 Today it felt like we were so taken care of by people we know that it’s like we’re not strangers here. Isn’t it good when people can make you feel at home even when home is on the other side of the country? God is so good to put the right people in our journey, at the very moment we’ve always needed them.

Tomorrow is our first day on set in Pasadena shooting the commercials. I’m a little nervous, if you want to know the truth. Stay tuned, friends!