#2,328 Day in the Park + Brian.

Somehow, some way, the first Saturday in May is always spectacularly sunny and beautiful. It’s like the season knows it’s Day in the Park and gives us one last cool/warm weekend before the heat of summer smothers us all like tomato gravy on a biscuit. We walked to Mason Park for our twice yearly Norton Holifield corn dogs (the next one will be at the fair in October), gourmet popsicles from the new Loblollipops stand (watermelon mint was so refreshing, I had two of them), and I even got to see mama and John Walker for about 5 minutes before the reality of a festival with a restless toddler and a wonky stroller prompted an early departure. 

 And after a trip down memory lane to the elementary art contest, we were headed back to our house to meet up with Brian Patrick Flynn, our new friend and fellow HGTV designer, who was passing through Laurel on his way from New Orleans to Birmingham.  

We had one of the most fun afternoons ever playing tour guides, complete with a private tour of the art museum and its vault with the museum director, our friend and neighbor, George. I’ve never seen the vault or those precious works of art in my life, so it was a very special treat for me. Afterward we headed over to Gardiner Park for a birthday cookout for Ross, where everyone hit it off with Brian and Hollis. 

 I can’t believe how lucky we are to call this place home, and to share it with such loving friends and neighbors.