#2,327 Friday Drivin’ + Barley Brand.

We set out around lunch today in the Wagoneer with a mind to get quotes to have her painted. We checked all over Laurel, then wandered to Hattiesburg, then wound up just driving down old country roads through pecan tree groves that were in technicolor greens and blues, with a 70 degree breeze that felt like early spring blowing my hair through the car window. Old cars are like time machines that make you forget what year and day it really is, and we just kept saying out loud to ourselves: “I sure love this car.” Spending an afternoon driving aimlessly once in a while is a treat. Today it was a dream.   

Soon we found ourselves close to Columbia and touched base with our Instagram friends at Barley Brand, a really cool company that makes all kinds of preppy, high-end shirting right there in downtown Columbia, Miss. We walked in, exchanged hugs, and left an hour later with a business collaboration agreed upon with a handshake. This fall, you’ll be able to get durable, cozy flannel shirts created by Barley Brand here in Mississippi, designed by Scotsman Co. How exciting is that?