#2,339 Learning the Ropes.

Today was the third time we’ve ever done house tours with folks for the show. The first time, last summer, it was the hardest thing in the world–to be ON in front of the camera, to help them see our vision with nothing but my little sketch pad. And then the second time was a little easier on Monday, but like starting over from scratch since it’s been a year. I’m learning the ropes moment by moment because there is really no way to practice for this sort of experience. You just have to jump in and start swimming, kicking like crazy and hope you can keep your hair dry. 

Today was the 3rd time to ever give house tours on the show and I felt more relaxed. It’s getting easier every day to pretend I’m an extrovert on camera and by next week things will slow down a little from the 12 hour day grind of hammering out the beginnings of the first 3 episodes. It feels good to keep learning, to stay on my toes. I’m going to soak up every minute of it.