#2,366 Sweet Somethings Bakery.

Finally, 5 months after we started designing the exterior of Laurel’s long-awaited bakery, today was the ribbon cutting! Do you remember when we first began how different the building looked? 

It’s unrecognizable now.

Big worked through the night to finish the bakery’s bread cabinet made from the reclaimed wood salvaged from their building’s renovation for the ribbon cutting today. The rain stopped just in time to transport it from his shop to Central Avenue. It was a little homecoming parade for the scraps that left and came back as something more. My heart could burst with pride. It’s so beautiful. Even in two pieces strapped onto a trailer.   

Hopefully, you can be part of it all if what was filmed today airs in season 1 next year, but trust me when I tell you it was a really special day to be in Laurel and lots and lots of happy tears were shed.     

The Watkins’ investment in downtown Laurel means so much to every person who will pass through their doors. It will give someone the courage to take a step out in faith and start that business they always dreamed of. 

And it will make my pants too small.