#2,383 Flowers.

Remember a month or so ago when I refreshed my planters with colorful new flowers? And I told you they’d die a merciless death by my brown thumb? 

They died.

I frowned at them as I walked to the front door coming in from the grocery store this morning. I set to work cleaning the house, when our friend Mikey stopped by and he and Ben left to get lunch. A little bit later as I was taking out the trash I walked out of the front door and did a double take. Someone had replanted my pots within that hour, and I was shocked (and delighted)!

I called Ben, slightly panicked at the thought of who might have done such a kind thing without leaving a note or anything so I could thank them. He told me, “I wanted to surprise you. I’ll help you water them every day.”

And I melted. It’s a sweet, sweet man I married.