#2,395 Tickets + Mike.

I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to buy the pre sale tickets when they went on sale for the Chris Stapleton concert coming up in October in Biloxi…

And we got great seats near the stage! I would love to meet he and Morgane someday, but I’ll sure settle for a concert with 60,000 other people.

In happiest news, our friend Mike who collapsed with a heart arrhythmia back in May and was resuscitated from flatlining before the ambulance arrived came home this week from a very long hospital and rehab stay. Today we got to have lunch with him and it made me feel like crying happy tears to see him 100% like himself, telling stories and jokes, even if his eyesight has still not totally recovered yet. 

His life is a blessing to so many. Today, a whole lot of folks in this town are thankful that the Lord makes miracles out of His most faithful servants.