#2,402 Dream Meeting + 2 Guys And A Truck.

This is easily the most physically exhausting day we’ve had yet, filming for 12 hours. Ben changed his sweat drenched clothes 5 times (or was it 7?) and my washing machine is working overtime. Our bodies hurt from working today, so I will keep it concise tonight:

1. We got news that this fall we may get to meet some people we SERIOUSLY admire and I am going to totally fangirl about it. I’ll surprise y’all when it happens in October. I’m about to squeal as I type.

2. God bless Josh and Jim who went to Jackson with nothing but strong backs and a trailer to pick up half the load of our solid oak store fixtures. 

They risked life and limb on the drive and risked herniated disks in the moving. We’re all so thankful for them doing it.