#2,403 Rebirths.

All over town today I for some reason noticed houses that have been recently renovated, none by us, but all by talented Laurelites with plenty of vision for forgotten homes. Most notably, this was a $25,000 flakey pink mess just 3 years ago when it was last on the market, a little north of the historic district on the way out of town:

And I have no idea who bought it and turned it into this magazine-worthy masterpiece, but I swear I felt real, true, honest to goodness jealousy that I don’t get to live there now with its deep porch and screen doors and beautiful windows:

Then tonight on our walk, I couldn’t stop staring at Mr. McAlister’s house perched between a sunset and Gardiner Park, impeccably restored in the last few years:

And then on the walk back south toward home, I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful job our friends Lori and Ryan have done renovating the historic old Mason home a couple blocks away:

So much rebirth has been happening all over town and everything old is new again. That gives me a lot of comfort.