#2,454 The Best House (Maybe Ever).

Tonight we had the great pleasure of attending an engagement party/shower for our friends Bill and Jody. You might remember they got engaged a couple months ago and he’s an outrageously talented architect on our show. This shower was held at a home he actually designed a few years ago and while I’ve always heard him talk about how it’s such a dream… I never imagined it might possibly be the most beautiful home I’ve ever actually walked through. It’s a comfortable, palatial low country-esque home that was built in 1905 and saved from total collapse when they won it in an auction on the courthouse steps in 2006. It’s obvious what a labor of love it’s been for the owners, the Ferrills, who spent 4 years renovating it from top to bottom. They’ve taken incredible care with the materials used in every stitch of the home. I was awestruck for the first hour we were there. It took a while to get my jaw up off the floor.

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It’s hard to believe that in just a couple months these two will be Mr. and Mrs. Holloway!