#2,489 Last Day.

This was our last day of promotional photos for season 1. It’s all been kind of a blur. Today we did demo on a house and did lots of fun things in slow motion footage. 

I learned that or sound guy this weekend, Scott, was the drummer in a band I LOVED in high school called Sparklehorse, and that was awesome. 

I got a busted knee from an errant flying brick in one scene, but couldn’t pull up my pants leg to check it out.

And just like that, we were finished and hugged our new friends’ necks and said goodbye.

And this is what was hiding under my black jeans.

So I got a little rest and a shower before we went out on the town to shop and explore before dinner with Steven and Allison, the bosses at the network and tireless champions for Home Town.

And we maybe celebrated a milestone weekend with a big ice cream sundae at the Phoenix Pharmacy.