#2,906 Homemakers.

I felt like a regular Betty Homemaker today, starting with a freezer cooking at Mallorie’s (crock pot chicken, jambalaya, and chili).

The last time we did this it was when Mallorie was expecting Lucy. Today, Lucy was in charge of opening cans and shredding the chicken for the jambalaya. It’s the circle of life, folks.

Afterward we went through some of Lucy’s things from when she was a baby so Helen can reap the benefits:

By “some” things I mean literal mountains of baby clothes.

Afterward, we went out to mama’s to make Christmas cookies. Our annual tradition. This year it was shortbread, and we did not care how they looked because I was really tired and as long as the butter content is there, who cares how they look?

Also found old photos at mama’s that made me smile: