#2,556 Riding Around.

In high school, riding in a car with the sunroof open or a convertible with the top down was the absolute greatest moment of freedom that could be afforded to a terminally adventurous teenager. When I left the Mercantile to run an errand this afternoon, one of my favorite old Liz Phair songs came on the radio and I sang at the top of my lungs as I drove the 2 blocks to the dollar store to pick up scissors and a hole punch. I told Ben about my nostalgic moment of joy and after dinner at Mi Casita, we just went riding. And we turned on the Smashing Pumpkins Pandora station which resulted in every pivotal song from our growing up years playing in succession. Like Daughter by Pearl Jam.

Having an early 90s moment in a late 80s Wagoneer.

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And in a 1988 Grand Wagoneer with the sunroof open and my biggest crush of my life in the passenger seat, I was definitely having a moment.