#2,564 People Person.

Ben lives and breathes to talk to everyone who walks in our store.

He finds connections between them, long lost cousins who once worked in the town they’re from, recommends where to go next, what to do. We once had a fuss on a subway in NYC because it mortified me that he did this to strangers on the train. He can’t help himself– his need to know people. But the longer we are married, the more I value this about him. He’s generous with his time. He eats up their stories and makes every person feel listened to and loved, and I fall in love with him all over again.


We have LOVED meeting so many folks from all over the country this month, so if you’re planning to visit Laurel soon, be sure to make note of our New Years / 2017 hours that are changing today. Friday, Dec. 30 we are open then we will be closed to restock, recount and recover until January 9. I hope to see y’all soon!