#2,565 Ashliegh’s Getting Married.

Ashliegh has been working for us in all the crazy career changes we’ve made since 2014. She was with us at Lucky Luxe shipping orders, then on the design team for Home Town, and when the Mercantile opened she was, of course, our first employee there. She’s our Rory Gilmore (the old Rory we all knew and loved that is), the hard working one who knows all the ropes and teaches the newbies each day, and organizes us too, every morning, without fail. What Ashliegh didn’t know was that a couple weeks ago her sister and boyfriend called to let me in on a surprise. She would need to be scheduled to work today… So Myrick could surprise her with an antique diamond ring at sunset in the Christmas tree lot outside. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath since we heard the news and today was the day. Our dear girl walked out of the Mercantile on an errand, and found Myrick waiting for her. While we all hid behind cars in the parking lot, crying like babies.

And even though I know this is the end of her time with us as she goes back to school and then becomes a wife and moves away, my heart is full to overflowing because she became my friend along the way.