#2,647 Big Dreams.


I just reread my post from last night and it is painfully evident that I was barely lucid when writing it. Y’all. I really don’t remember ever being so tired in my whole life. “Wedding Tired” has now been surpassed by “Premiere Tired.”

But today in the car on the way to a dinner we had a little opportunity to talk about the future and certain dreams and hopes for the Mercantile and for Scotsman Co. that we’ve not discussed before and it made my heart race–feeling so full of ideas after being so drained over the course of the last few days.

God has been so very good to us: not because of the show, not because of the way our town is blossoming–those are fruits, but not the blessing itself. The blessing is this: He’s given us clarity of purpose, He’s given us passion, and He always puts the people and things in our path we need at the very moment we need them, and not a moment before. The ground is always there for the next step when we have the faith to keep walking without seeing it will be there to catch us.

What greater blessing is there than that?