#2,654 Knockin’ Round New York.

It was a slow day with little to do for us in NYC since tomorrow we have some really fun promotion stuff happening. It started with a lovely work lunch at The Standard, then became a day to wander with no agenda or plan. We got to meet up for just a minute with our friend Caroline who is a writer for the Tonight Show (Lindsey introduced us and we’ve been social media friends for a few years).

Hi Caroline!

And then, completely out of the blue, we turned a corner and ran smack into Joshus Masten, another long time Instagram friend whose style I have admired via the magic of the internets. We couldn’t stop screaming over the serendipity of it, recognizing each other on the street in a city of millions!

Before long it was supper time and we had no plan. Ben asked if there was a restaurant I had been wanting to try that we hadn’t made it to yet, and we went to Freeman’s–a tiny tavern hidden in an alley that we almost tried in 2009 on a trip, but backed out at the last minute. And it was so, so, so delicious. I had a warm, buttery biscuit that reminded me of shortbread in texture and it was incredible. I wish I had the recipe!

It was a perfectly lovely day in one of our most favorite places. Tomorrow… Something big! I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek. Goodnight, New York!