#2,658 Sunday Morning.

It was a late night and a late morning, so we had church on the porch with croissants, the Bible and a devotional. 

The bells were ringing at St. John’s and our neighbors kept trickling past in their dresses and ties, being mindful of the ancient live oak roots that have made the sidewalks a little treacherous in high heels. It’s gotten so warm this spring, the sweet olives’ blooming has already passed and it feels like summer is already coming. I made an actual list of all the things I wanted to do in the sunshine today because it was too perfect to miss inside, before I remembered I had some product photos to take for the Mercantile.  I still got to spend the day outside though, and now I’m watching the local news keeping an eye on a severe storm system that’s making me very nervous. I’m praying for safety for all of us in the path of it, feeling thankful for the comfort of a good, old house.