#2,657 Airplane Movies.

We are finally back home from our media trip, and I can safely say that the best thing about a day like today spent on a plane or in a car is the fact that the movie selection was amazing on our flight. We were skeptical about if we would like La La Land, but out of curiosity we hit play (at the exact same time so we could watch it in tandem of course), and let me tell you something…

It was really good. And it made us crave California, the place we were exactly one year ago today, so much I could cry. Well, the ending made me legit almost cry. You’ll have to see it for yourself though.

The next movie we watched was a classic–and easily ranks in my all time top 10. Mama and I saw A League of Their Own together in the movie theatre when I was in second grade, and I’ve wanted to be a Rockford Peach ever since.

It tickles Ben to no end when I sing the GPBL song from the movie:

We’re the members of the all-American league, we come from cities near and far

We’ve got Canadians, Irish ones and Swedes, we’re all for one, we’re one for all, we’re all American! 

Each girl stands, her head so proudly high, her motto “do or die,” she’s not the one to use or need an alibi 

And so on and so forth… I’m sure you know all the words too, right?! Isn’t it everyone’s favorite movie?!